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Sunday, 18 September 2016

The body shop at home makeup / beauty starter kit!

Over £200 worth of products for just £45 ? Yes you read right! i was shocked when i first got introduced to this amazing offer. The body shop at home is a way of earning money while partying, and promoting the amazing products they have to offer. I had joined just over a week ago and had received my starter kit in the post. I was overwhelmed with how much products i got for just £45 that i thought it would be great to share this with anyone interested in the body shop at home business!

Check out the link below to view the amazing goodies!

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

POUNDLAND makeup better than high end ??

Hey sweeties, i popped into my local Poundland which here in the UK is a store which sells cosmetics, makeup, food and more all for a pound! I knew they had a makeup collection so thought i would put it to the test with surprising results. I picked what I could in order to create a glamorous makeup look. Unfortunately the lashes where out of stock as I did check online and in store twice so used my own. Moreover i used my own brushes as I wanted to focus more on the makeup. I hope you guys enjoy this video as i also enjoyed filming it as I found a few favourites which i can say are better or even equal to some high end makeup i have. Let me know which are your favourite and if you have tried out the brand yourself! Thanks for watching xoxo

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Thursday, 4 August 2016

NEW Estee Lauder Cushion stick foundation review | DRY SKIN

Hey my loves, it has been ages since i last posted! Today i have a exciting new product to review, which is the cushion stick foundation by Estee Lauder. I fell in love with there double wear foundation so i put it to the test to see how it compares! I can only speak for dry skin types so i hope my review does it justice!

Heres a break down of my points mentioned in the review-

Pros : 

Radiant, dewy glowing skin
Hydrating ( does not dry out the skin)
Can physically see how much product is left
light/medium coverage ( possibly can build it on troubled areas)
Lightweight stick
Does not look cakey

Can reduce or increase the amount of product you need by twisting the cap

Does not oxidate
Lasts 8 hours or more


High end price but less product 14ml £28
Smells chemically
Cushion applicator does not distribute the product evenly ( takes long to apply)

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Disclaimer : This video is not sponsored all opinions are my own and products mentioned are brought by myself.

Sunday, 12 June 2016


Hey makeup lovers, so i am finally doing a giveaway check out my channel if you would like to enter, all the details are in the description of the video make sure to check it out! GOOD LUCK! xoxo


Wednesday, 8 June 2016

OLAY ADVANCED PRO - x cleansing system UNBOXING + REVIEW |

Hey guys, so this is my first purchase of a facial cleansing brush and  thought it would be helpful to share with you my experience and opinion on this product. I have heard so much good feedback on this product as well as noticing many larger make up Guru's have used this product too ( Huda beauty, Carli byble) . Hope you enjoy and watch till the end for a announcement !!

Watch the demo and full video here :

Retails for : £29.99

Skin type : I have always had dry skin

Product smell : The OLAY gel has a slight smell nothing too harsh ( smells like there face creams) .

Review: The brush itself is great with soft bristles and is light way however the gel it comes with after some time my skin starts to feel dry so it is not hydrating for anyone with dry skin like me . Although it did dry my skin it might be better suited for people with oily skin.

I would recommend this product!

Rating : 8/10

Sunday, 5 June 2016


Hey lovely, so today i thought as summer is coming many people are starting to get in shape and get fit generally. So it would be the perfect opportunity to share my top tips with you all and things i have learnt and experienced while personal training. 

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The body shop shade adjusting drops Review! ( darkening shade)

Hey there beauties, so i recently purchased the shade adjusting drops by the body shop, as i had recently purchased a number of foundations which were a bit too light for my skin as i had been on holiday and had a lovely tan. I heard so many good things about this products and was hoping it would save me returning some foundations which can be annoying! So here are my thought on the product!

Packaging :

The product comes in a glass bottle which has a dropper attached, which in my opinion wastes alot of product and can get messy really easily!

See the product in action skip to 3.08 :


As for the formula, it is very liquidy and runny, so i would advise anyone trying the product to have tissues available and maybe a glass plate, so that you can mix the products without a mess. Moreover a little goes a long long way, i shall link one of my videos when i tried this product out as a bronzer for the first time and you can see what happened in regards to how pigmented this stuff really is! This i have to say is a huge benefit as for the price your getting a lot of product and only need a tiny drop. Moreover it is so bendable its unreal. As you will notice in my tutorial how i am able to blend the product into my skin without having to apply anything more to remove the excess!

As for how well it blends in with my foundation, i have noticed that it has not changed the shade of my foundation or any of the benefits it provides.( Keep in mind this product is for dark/deep skin tones and  foundation shades, so if you notice that your foundation turns ashy ect then it is not for your skin shade as i have noticed many people mention this on other reviews)


The product does have a "chemically" smell to it which is not strong however its not a good things either as you really do not know what has gone into the product to be producing such a smell!


Retails for £10 which is very good for how much product you get and such a great formula!


8/10 the reason i have not give this item a 10 is just because of the smell, and because of the dropper as it does waste the product as you only need a tiny amount and your good to go!


This product is not sponsored

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